Crisis Communications

Crisis Management can bring a business large or small to its knees! To reduce the impact in both the long and short run, Murnahan helps you prepare for and respond to incidents. We’ll work together to identify areas of risk or vulnerability, then create a thoughtful and strategic communications plans designed to help you manage a crisis effectively and protect your reputation.

Murnahan’s crisis communications plans are aligned with your business goals, ensuring that during complex situations, disruption is minimized. We build in training of staff from c-suite to front-line! We’ve helped organizations large and small navigate crisis’ and return to normal business operations quickly. Our tactics and strategies deliver real results and ensure that customers, key stakeholders and media hear our key messages. We even plan to coordinate with law enforcement when necessary.

From our first conversation, Murnahan works to ensure you are ready for the worst. In addition to the strategic crisis plan, real-time and onsite support and reputation management, Murnahan works directly with your executives, spokespeople and frontline staff to ensure they are prepared for all types of inquiries from the media, customers and staff. Not only do we work with you to prepare for the worst, we help you manage the issues to hopefully ever having to engage in a crisis, but if a crisis does occur, we work with you to ensure you are prepared to engage with media and stakeholders.

We will help you develop a comprehensive plan for combating negative press, so you know exactly how to respond if a bad situation arises and can minimize the amount of time the story survives in the news cycle.

Crisis Management Samples

There are many crisis management examples where a crisis firm would be critical to reducing the impact and recovering the business reputation. Here are a few of the most common examples of a crisis situation:

  • Cybersecurity and data breaches
  • Closures
  • Explosion
  • Fraud, theft, financial crises
  • Health scare
  • Lawsuits and law enforcement
  • Layoffs
  • Loss of life
  • Mechanical failures
  • Product failures and recalls
  • Protests and attacks by special interest groups
  • Robbery
  • Shooting
  • Social media crises
  • Toxic spill

Help your firm avoid a PR disasters like Starbucks recent PR blunder, last year’s United PR nightmare or the Pepsi, NFL or Uber PR crises over the past couple of years, a crisis management firm should be part of your risk management team. You can quickly scan the news online or in your local paper to see how much the media work themselves into a frenzy to be the first to report your accident of mistake. Please don’t be the next class project for PR students around the world.

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