Beyond Breaking News: 15 Other Purposes for Press Releases

Purpose of Press Release

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Historically used to announce news and special events, resourceful PR and marketing professionals have found that press releases are a much more versatile tool than initially given credit for.

No longer just an instrument meant to inform the media of a story worth covering, press releases are now used to communicate directly with consumers. This has broadened the acceptable standard of what makes something “press-release worthy.” Throw in the considerable SEO benefits and there’s a clear benefit to publishing press releases, even if the content doesn’t necessarily constitute news.

Here are 15 other types of news and information you can cover in press releases:

New product or service: Highlight your new product or service offering and its unique value proposition.

Website updates: Drive people to your updated website with quotes from the people who brought it to life and information on how it will improve user experience.

Legislation and legal rulings: Share your company’s official response to new legislation or legal rulings that affect your business or industry.

New branding: Whether it’s a new logo, tagline or name in general, let consumers know about your new branding and the motivation behind the change.

New industry trends: Perfect for businesses in rapidly evolving industries, such as technology, describe the new trend and your company’s ability to help consumers navigate it.

Industry predictions: Show that your business is not only adapting to change but forecasting it, and hopefully even driving it.

New social network: Drum up interest in your new Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, SnapCh…you get the picture.

New hire or promotion: Announce the addition of a new employee or the elevation of a current employee into a bigger role.

Media appearance: Hype up your upcoming media, webinar or podcast appearance and tease some of the topics that will be discussed.

Awards and accolades: Make consumers aware of recent recognition that you’ve received. Be sure to include quotes from the party that issued the award.

Special offers: Whether you’re offering free shipping or a temporary discount on certain products, spell out the details so consumers are aware of it.

Charitable contribution: Let the world know of your philanthropy — but tilt the spotlight to the cause you’re supporting to avoid sounding self-aggrandizing.

Strategic partnership: Announce your new strategic partnership, describe the motives behind it and, if applicable, explain how it will benefit your customers.

Attending conference: Announce your excitement about attending or presenting at an upcoming business conference, where you’ll have a chance to learn from and rub elbows with industry leaders.

Positive media: Make sure the world knows about recent positive media attention you’ve garnered and include a link to the story.

If you need help writing a press release or figuring out what type of communications are needed for your business, please reach out and contact us. Just scroll to the bottom of any page and give us a call or email.

By Alex Altman

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