Mineral Management Takes Center Stage

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By Brian Murnahan

5 M
Photo by Glen Ellman – Fort Worth Business magazine

The availability of earned media may seem endless and to a degree it really is, but it is upon those of us who want to share our stories to make them interesting and compelling to our audience. In most cases that is actually the reporters and editors that read our notes or press releases. If we can make our story interesting to them, the good old gatekeeper, then we have a chance at reaching the mass market or that specialty niche.
Recently, client 5 M’s Mineral Management had the opportunity to speak with the Fort Worth Business magazine about their services and it resulted in a cover appearance that has done great things to help spread the word about their service. They help those of us with mineral interests in our land manage them easily and affordably.
As you look to share your message, to the mass media or in the medium of your choice, make sure you choose your words well and make sure you know who your target audience is. Don’t just drop a media release and run, take the time to reach out to the media that counts. Help them understand how the story that you are sharing will be original news to their readers!
Read the whole June 18, 2016 Fort Worth Business article:

Energy play: Minerals management takes center stage


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