Hillary Clinton, Stepping Out of the Shadow

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Hillary Clinton 2016 DNC PR
Hillary Clinton at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, railing against Republican Donald Trump.

By Brian Murnahan
Hillary Clinton has accepted the role as the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States. No longer does Clinton stand just to the side of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, the role has been reversed!
I don’t know if she is the best person for the job, what I do know is that American’s don’t want Grandma Clinton as their President, they want Hillary Clinton, the hard ass negotiator, who can navigate the political BS of Washington and around the World without pushing away friends, and while keeping an eye on enemies. Clinton should put forth a public image that says, I am strong, I am determined and I will leave this country in a better place, not only because it is her promise, but because it is her family legacy.
I believe that Clinton should run as the political insider, she knows who is who and how the system works. Yes, that makes it very possible, if she won, for her to take advantage of the system, but that is why we have a three branch system, which has proven very successful in pointing out Clinton’s flaws.
Hillary Clinton at the 1996 Democratic Convention talking about "it takes a village".
Hillary Clinton at the 1996 Democratic Convention talking about “it takes a village”.

Today, Hillary Clinton has her own voice and if you look at the woman that stood in front of the Democratic Convention in 1996 and compare it to 2016, you will see the test of time, but you will hear the confidence and direction that time and experience has provided. Clinton is forceful in her speech, saying what she wants and putting a spin on Trump. It is true that Clinton has changed her view on issues over time and it is debatable if she is simply pupeting the public sentiment or leading it, the truth is, most of us have progressed in our views of issues related to the LGBT community, abortion, guns, civil rights and the economy, but because we are soft headed, but because times and this country has changed.
During this campaign, she seems to have wanted a softer image, but that is not what people are asking for in a President. She is the hardened politician, with two decades supporting and in some cases directing policy for her husband, she then turned around and has spent another 16 years creating and carrying out the policies of the United States.
Don’t mistake her confidence with the arrogance of Ted Cruz, the junior Senator from Texas, she has experience and success that builds confidence. She is not Bill, the former governor of a rural state from the south with big aspirations. This is Hillary Clinton, a women with a world of experience, who has reached the pinnacle of success by working hard, overcoming obstacles and yes, stepping in some pretty big piles of it. Through it all, Clinton is the choice for many for President and for good reason.
It should be noted here and in every mind across this country, supporting Clinton, Trump or Johnson does not make you more or less American, it does not make you more or less patriotic. This is a country of dissenting views, where the majority of people who show up for the battle typically wins, where we stand up against the bully to do what is right despite it being uncomfortable. So when your candidate wins or loses, be a good sport, congratulate, shake-hands and hug. We are a mixed up and unusual family with faults and talents, but we are family and we move together to make our home a better place.
More on Hillary Clinton’s background in case you didn’t know:
In 1992, Clinton moved from Arkansas to Washington, D.C. growing the political career of husband Bill as he took on the role of President of the United States and despite previous legal and political troubles, they were the power couple of the free world. Eight years later, Clinton stepped out of the White House and away from embarrassing scandals and political fights and moved into her new New York home. She had not been able to achieve universal healthcare and had watched as the President embarrassed the family with his affair and arguing over the definition of “is”.
Clinton did not sit on the sideline after exiting the biggest stage in the world. She quickly ran for and won a Senate seat in New York building a solid reputation and defining herself separate from her husband as closer to business, but still liberal for the day. In running for President in 2008, she stepped further away from Bill and his way, by pushing forward her agenda in trying to secure the White House. She continued to grow her political career as the Secretary of State under President Obama with great successes and some overwhelming disasters.

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