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Grow your small business

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To many outsiders, public relations professionals are nothing more than special agents who make their living smothering bad press and blasting press releases into the ether. It’s a false narrative that’s been shaped by Hollywood and trivializes the copious skills the modern PR professional possesses.

Simply put, you can no longer carve out a career in PR as a one-trick pony. The position in 2019 demands a rare blend of business acumen, communication chops and marketing wizardry — competencies that make PR professionals exceptionally valuable to their client partners.

Here are 5 ways a dedicated PR partner can use their versatile skills to help your business grow.

Media Outreach: PR professionals can help you win free media coverage by selling reporters on a narrative that attracts readers and generates page clicks — therefore benefiting all parties involved. On top of that, they can coach you to master your media interviews.

Memorable Branding: PR professionals can help give your small business a big brand identity. Whether it’s creating a distinctive in-store experience, crafting a catchy logo and slogan or devising a clever naming convention for your products, your PR partner can help you identify and execute interesting ways to distinguish your business from its competitors.

Social Media Marketing: There’s a difference between being on Facebook and marketing on Facebook. PR pros can help you turn your social media accounts into nimble, cost-effective marketing tools that promote your brand identity, push out important messages and drive e-commerce. They can also make sure you’re active on the platforms that have the greatest potential to drive leads.

Event Coordination: Hosting a community event is a great way to lure new customers and drive customer loyalty. From generating media attention to creating signage, marketing kits and branded giveaways, a PR partner can help you plan everything from the ground up and offer whatever creative or logistical support is needed to make your event a hit.

Crisis Management: What if a customer complaint goes viral? What if a video surfaces of your manager yelling at a customer? These are questions that many small business owners have mulled but never answered — even if only hypothetically. Your PR partner can help you navigate murky situations and create emergency PR protocols, so the growth potential of your business is never threatened.

For more information on how a PR agency can help your small business grow, contact the PR, marketing and media experts at Murnahan PR.

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