Pitch Perfect: How to Nail Your PR Media Pitch

By Alex Altman Driving reporters to media events is one of the most important jobs for PR professionals. Naturally, it’s also one of the most difficult. Reporters are time-strapped, unpredictable, and inherently cautious of giving away free publicity. These are some pretty hefty barriers. But with the right brand of salesmanship, they can be overcome. If low turnouts have become all-too-common at your PR events, there’s a strong possibility that your media pitch is lacking. The media pitch is often the biggest factor in convincing a reporter to cover this event instead of that event. Here are some tips to […]

A 6-Point Checklist for More Shareable Press Releases

By Alex Altman You’ve crafted the perfect headline, finagled the just-right quote, triple-checked your spelling, and scored client approval. By all traditional measures, your press release is ready for life in the wild. But how long will it survive? While quality content is important, it hardly matters if the press release isn’t sufficiently “shareable.” This wasn’t an issue 10-15 years ago, when generating awareness was as simple as sending an advisory to local media. But today, creating a buzz is more of a self-starting enterprise — one that requires both social media savvy and an understanding of how your audience […]


By: Melissa Smuzynski About nine years into my career as a television reporter, a big milestone happened in my personal life: I got married. During the months leading up to our wedding, my future husband and I planned out every small, painstaking detail. Creating the guest list was one of the hardest steps for us in the process. Together, we whittled down the list, marking off those with whom we weren’t really close until finally we had a solid guest list consisting of 100 of our closest friends and family. I’m telling you this story to make a point. On […]


By: Melissa Newton-Smuzynski If you’ve never used a public relations consultant before, you might have the misconception that their only job is to write and send press releases. For this reason, many companies find public relations to be an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, this myth ends up depriving many businesses of a service that can help their business grow and thrive. Media relations is certainly an important part of the public relations profession, but it is only a small sliver of the public relations pie. So what does a public relations consultant do on a daily basis? Everything! Take a look […]

Word Play: Don’t Screw It Up (FAIL: “Black Olives Matter”)

By Brian Murnahan In the world of Public Relations, we often use word play to get peoples attention, draw out a news tie-in or otherwise spice up our writing. If done well, word play can be very advantageous for our clients. On the other had, it is not hard to really screw up either. Over the past year or so, the “Black Lives Matter” campaign has brought a great deal of attention to the treatment of African American’s by law enforcement. In return, in a play on words, campaigns for “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” along with others […]

Mineral Management Takes Center Stage

By Brian Murnahan The availability of earned media may seem endless and to a degree it really is, but it is upon those of us who want to share our stories to make them interesting and compelling to our audience. In most cases that is actually the reporters and editors that read our notes or press releases. If we can make our story interesting to them, the good old gatekeeper, then we have a chance at reaching the mass market or that specialty niche. Recently, client 5 M’s Mineral Management had the opportunity to speak with the Fort Worth Business […]


By Melissa Smuzynski As a former reporter, I consider media relations my PR specialty. Whether it is enterprising stories for a client, crafting news pitches and press releases, or building relationships with reporters and producers, I have made a career out of helping businesses, organizations and municipalities garnish media coverage. I am a strong believer in the effectiveness of traditional media in almost any public relations campaign. Simply put, traditional media works. And if done correctly, media relations has an excellent return on investment. Yet, I’ve had clients who didn’t see the true value in media relations. I’ve had clients […]


For Immediate Release: May 2, 2016 LARRY BROGDON AND 5 M’s MINERALS MANAGEMENT PARTNER TO TAKE MINERAL AND ROYALTY MANAGEMENT TO NEW HEIGHTS MineralWare Offers Mineral Owners an Innovative Mineral Tracking Solution  FORT WORTH, TEXAS: Petroleum geologist, Larry Brogdon, of Summit Cove Investments, L.P. has partnered with 5 M’s Minerals Management of Fort Worth, bringing with him more than 40 years of oil and gas production experience to the growing specialty software firm. Brogdon will add to the powerhouse of talent dedicated to ensuring that royalty and mineral interest owners have the information they need to manage their oil and […]

Blue Bell Creamery Survives Crisis: Make Sure You Can Too

By Melissa Newton-Smuzynski In April 2015, Texas-based Blue Bell Creamery pulls all of its ice cream from shelves nationwide. The drastic move came after a listeria outbreak that resulted in the deaths of three people. The company was in crisis! People were dead. Hundreds more were laid off or furloughed. And every major news outlet across the nation was covering the story. That type of negative publicity and loss in revenue would typically destroy a company, but today, one year later you can still get your favorite flavors in the frozen food aisle. In fact, when Blue Bell rolled it’s […]


By Alex Altman Every PR pro should know by now that reporters receive a torrent of press releases every day from those who follow their writing and from those who foolishly fling releases out to anyone they can find. You might wonder, how bad is the press release deluge? We wanted to know too. Zack Colman, formerly the Energy and Environment reporter for the Washington Examiner, now a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT says he would receive hundreds if not thousands of releases every week. “I learned to swallow my anxiety as I watched my unread email count soar,” […]