War of Words: Trump’s Feud with Press Reaches Boil

By Alex Altman Mere hours after the inauguration, Time reporter Zeke Miller unwittingly gave President Donald Trump the ultimate gift. Standing in the Oval Office, surrounded by fellow members of the press corps, Miller made what he thought was a stunning observation: the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was missing. On January 20, Miller shared the scoop with his 150,000 Twitter followers without first verifying with the White House that the bust was no longer there. Not surprisingly, the missive uncorked a tidal wave of anger about the apparent omission. The reaction was none of Miller’s concern. It’s […]


By: Melissa Smuzynski About nine years into my career as a television reporter, a big milestone happened in my personal life: I got married. During the months leading up to our wedding, my future husband and I planned out every small, painstaking detail. Creating the guest list was one of the hardest steps for us in the process. Together, we whittled down the list, marking off those with whom we weren’t really close until finally we had a solid guest list consisting of 100 of our closest friends and family. I’m telling you this story to make a point. On […]

Effective PR Strategies Can Boost Your Brand

By Brian Murnahan Utilizing public relations strategies as the basis for your communication to key audiences will help build loyalty, awareness and advocacy. As with any communication strategy, first you have to look at the audience makeup before picking the best tactics to reach out with. Once you have determined how to best tell your story you can begin to reach out. For younger audiences, you may learn that working with their favorite YouTubers, bloggers or social media stars will drive behavior changes the quickest. If you audience is in the business world, you may learn placing a news story […]


Very interesting take on social media impacts on the public and how it influences our perceptions of what is going on around us. Very much worth watching! Originally published on Mother Jones.


By Melissa Newton-Smuzynski A couple of decades ago, the word media meant newspapers, television, and magazines.  Then came the Internet and the meaning evolved. News organizations started experimenting with websites and creating online content. Soon after, the emergence of online social channels such as Facebook and Twitter added another layer to the definition. Almost instantly, media became interactive.  Businesses and brands could bypass newspapers and television stations and connect directly with their consumers. Finding ways to connect with those consumers became the new job of public relations professionals. Public relations as an industry had to evolve with the media to […]

Donald Trump On His PR Message?

By Brian Murnahan Donald Trump’s rise from political obscurity, where he was an established businessman and TV personality to the elite few who will make the final run toward president is a lesson in public relations mastery or absolute folly. Few would seriously argue that his first months on the campaign trail were seen by most as anything more than a stunt. His statements, one after another, more over the top than the previous with speeches that would sound like mental vomit, where everything in his brain would be hurled out on stage, in front of millions during the nightly news and […]

Trump Rolls into the Republican Convention on PR High

By Alex Altman Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to Republican nominee is as unlikely as it is unprecedented. Five years ago, he was on Comedy Central getting roasted by Snoop Dogg and “The Situation.” Now, he’s on the verge of becoming the first major party nominee who hasn’t held previous office since Dwight Eisenhower. How can a man with no political experience, who’s been embroiled in so much controversy that it warranted a primetime TV special, be in a position to lead the free world? – The purpose of this blog is not to debate Trump’s political views, character or worthiness of […]

7 Tips for Crafting a Winning Subject Line

By Alex Altman It might take two hours to write a press release, but it’s the five minutes you spend writing the subject line that matters most. In the lawless swampland of a journalist’s inbox, the decision to open or trash an email solicitation is made instantaneously. An email with a strong subject line has a fighting chance for survival, while a poorly crafted subject line is essentially dead on arrival. According to a study by Silverpop, the unique open rate for emails in the United States in 2015 was a paltry 20.7 percent. In the Media & Publishing industry, […]

Mineral Management Takes Center Stage

By Brian Murnahan The availability of earned media may seem endless and to a degree it really is, but it is upon those of us who want to share our stories to make them interesting and compelling to our audience. In most cases that is actually the reporters and editors that read our notes or press releases. If we can make our story interesting to them, the good old gatekeeper, then we have a chance at reaching the mass market or that specialty niche. Recently, client 5 M’s Mineral Management had the opportunity to speak with the Fort Worth Business […]


By Melissa Smuzynski As a former reporter, I consider media relations my PR specialty. Whether it is enterprising stories for a client, crafting news pitches and press releases, or building relationships with reporters and producers, I have made a career out of helping businesses, organizations and municipalities garnish media coverage. I am a strong believer in the effectiveness of traditional media in almost any public relations campaign. Simply put, traditional media works. And if done correctly, media relations has an excellent return on investment. Yet, I’ve had clients who didn’t see the true value in media relations. I’ve had clients […]