6 Reasons Your Business Should Start Blogging Now

By Alex Altman From billion-dollar banks to neighborhood HVAC companies, it seems like every business has a blog these days. Unless you’ve taken a crash course in content marketing, you’ve at one point probably asked yourself, Why? Why does this bowling alley need a blog? How much business can it possibly drive? And who’s reading this stuff, anyway?  The truth is, blogs that are managed thoughtfully and dutifully can have an enormous impact on both your bottom line and overall reputation. In fact, businesses that prioritize blogging are 13X more likely to see positive ROI, according to HubSpot. Here are […]

Avoid these 13 Naughty PR Words and Phrases

By Alex Altman There’s a reason PR professionals spend so much time agonizing over statements: every word matters. Whether you’re touting an achievement or issuing an apology, stick your statement by avoiding these 13 words and phrases: Arguably: “This is arguably the greatest blog you’ll ever read.” If your BS detector didn’t go off just now, it’s time to change the battery. Qualifiers usually precede grandiose statements that can’t be substantiated, and therefore come across as desperate attempts to reel in coverage. Solution: The black-tie alternative to business casual words like “products” or “services,” this word works just fine in […]

The Ultimate PR Cheatsheet: 17 Insights to Maximize Your Strategy

  By Alex Altman Public relations is equal parts science and strategy; a delicate balance of knowing what to say and when to say it. Knowing how to marry these two elements is key to optimizing your PR strategy. With that said, here are 17 insights to inspire your next campaign. Media Pitches 1) Pitch via Email: 92% of journalists prefer to receive their media pitches via email. (Sword and Script) 2) Show Your Know: 51% of journalists say they’re most likely to pursue a story because the PR professional displayed knowledge of their past work, interests and strengths. (Sword […]

Paywall Surge a Fresh Challenge for PR Pros

By Alex Altman With ad revenue plummeting and editorial budgets being slashed, digital publishers are turning over every stone looking for new ways to make money. So, it should come as no surprise that many of them are kicking the tires on paywalls. The Washington Post, New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Wired, Vanity Fair and Financial Times are just a few of the publications that have introduced paywalls in recent years. By restricting access to non-subscribers, these publications are betting that their coverage — combined with reasonable fees and the lure of fewer annoying ads — will spur consumers to […]

12 Months Later: Starbucks Learns from United Airlines’ Woes

By Alex Altman Caught in the eye of a PR firestorm, former Starbucks CEO (and still face-of-company) Howard Schultz took a page from the Oscar Munoz book on corporate leadership. And then he did the exact opposite. When cellphone footage last April showed a passenger being violently dragged off a United Airlines flight, Munoz delayed, deflected and even blamed the “disruptive and belligerent” victim for his failure to heed the orders of a flight crew. His regrettable handling of the situation inflamed an already outraged public, provided fresh fodder for the national media and caused irreparable harm to United Airlines’ […]

Facebook Rolls Out Changes to Combat Negativity

By Alex Altman Four weeks ago, I made a decision that once seemed unfathomable. I logged into Facebook, clicked on the settings and deactivated my account. I first registered for “The Facebook” in 2005, when membership was exclusive to college students. In the decade that followed, Facebook was more than just a site I would frequent — it was a pipeline into my social world. I’d use it for sharing pictures, crowdsourcing, connecting with new friends and other mostly harmless activities. But over the last few years, my Facebook experience changed. My news feed, once flooded with posts from social […]

The Newsworthy Rise of Late Night Comedy

By Alex Altman More Americans are turning to an unlikely source for news: late night comedy. During the 2016 presidential election, more people got their news from late night comedy than print versions of national newspapers, according to journalism.org. Among 18-29 year olds, late night comedy was more informative than network nightly news. IT ALL STARTED With distrust in the mainstream media at an all-time high, the Cronkites, Sawyers and Brokaws of the world are being replaced by the Colberts, Olivers and Bees in the pantheon of trusted news orators. It’s a trend that started in 1999 when Jon Stewart […]