NBC Stands Up to Pressure by Airing Jones Interview  

By Alex Altman, contributing writer Alex Jones. The name alone evokes strong feelings on both ends of the political spectrum. Supporters say he’s a beacon of truth in an era of political correctness. Denouncers say he’s a dangerous conspiracy theorist. No matter how you feel about Jones personally, there’s no denying his considerable influence. As host of the Internet radio show InfoWars, Jones’ conspiracy theories have earned him a robust following. His millions of fans include President Donald Trump, who’s praised Jones and even asked him for advice since taking office. New NBC journalist Megyn Kelly thought Jones’ political clout […]

NBA Jersey Ads a Reality Check for Fans

By Alex Altman If there’s an official rock-bottom in professional sports, the Philadelphia 76ers reached it last spring. Fresh off a season in which they finished 10-72, the worst mark in the NBA, the moribund franchise took to Twitter with news that some fans found even more disturbing than its record. Beginning in the 2017-18 season, the 76ers reported, its jerseys will bear the logo of ticket company StubHub. In doing so, it will become the first team in the history of the four major U.S. sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL) to advertise on an official uniform. “We […]


BY MELISSA SMUZYNSKI I think most businesses will agree that social media is an important part of marketing, promotion and brand awareness. But many companies, businesses and even public relations firms have a difficult time putting a dollar amount to its worth. There is no denying the power and impact of social media in today’s digital world. It’s vital, and how you manage it can make or break your business. Attention: As with any media exposure, social media offers your business an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram can bring new […]


By Alex Altman “Perception is reality.” If it’s not the biggest cliché in public relations, it’s a close second. For decades, businesses have taken this maxim as gospel, carefully parsing every word of every press release, commercial script, and speech to make sure it aligns with their desired positioning in the public consciousness. For most businesses, protecting your image isn’t simply about branding or sales. It’s about survival. One slip of the tongue can have dire consequences. Why else would companies invest in armies of public relations professionals? Image is everything. So why would a business deliberately attack its own? […]