Social Media Mistakes and What to Avoid

Is Your Business Making These Mistakes On Social Media? By Alex Altman How low can brands go on social media? In the past couple of years, the social universe has been treated to a comedy of errors so shocking it should be the premise of a Judd Apatow movie. We’ve seen a clothing company celebrate the Fourth of July with a picture of the Challenger explosion. We’ve seen a tone-deaf pizza brand push frozen pies on domestic violence victims. We’ve even seen an airline Tweet a pornographic image in response to a customer complaint. I do wonder if his issue […]


By: Melissa Newton-Smuzynski If you’ve never used a public relations consultant before, you might have the misconception that their only job is to write and send press releases. For this reason, many companies find public relations to be an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, this myth ends up depriving many businesses of a service that can help their business grow and thrive. Media relations is certainly an important part of the public relations profession, but it is only a small sliver of the public relations pie. So what does a public relations consultant do on a daily basis? Everything! Take a look […]

Word Play: Don’t Screw It Up (FAIL: “Black Olives Matter”)

By Brian Murnahan In the world of Public Relations, we often use word play to get peoples attention, draw out a news tie-in or otherwise spice up our writing. If done well, word play can be very advantageous for our clients. On the other had, it is not hard to really screw up either. Over the past year or so, the “Black Lives Matter” campaign has brought a great deal of attention to the treatment of African American’s by law enforcement. In return, in a play on words, campaigns for “Blue Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” along with others […]