Hillary Clinton, Stepping Out of the Shadow

By Brian Murnahan Hillary Clinton has accepted the role as the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States. No longer does Clinton stand just to the side of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, the role has been reversed! I don’t know if she is the best person for the job, what I do know is that American’s don’t want Grandma Clinton as their President, they want Hillary Clinton, the hard ass negotiator, who can navigate the political BS of Washington and around the World without pushing away friends, and while keeping an eye on enemies. Clinton should […]

Donald Trump On His PR Message?

By Brian Murnahan Donald Trump’s rise from political obscurity, where he was an established businessman and TV personality to the elite few who will make the final run toward president is a lesson in public relations mastery or absolute folly. Few would seriously argue that his first months on the campaign trail were seen by most as anything more than a stunt. His statements, one after another, more over the top than the previous with speeches that would sound like mental vomit, where everything in his brain would be hurled out on stage, in front of millions during the nightly news and […]

Trump Rolls into the Republican Convention on PR High

By Alex Altman Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to Republican nominee is as unlikely as it is unprecedented. Five years ago, he was on Comedy Central getting roasted by Snoop Dogg and “The Situation.” Now, he’s on the verge of becoming the first major party nominee who hasn’t held previous office since Dwight Eisenhower. How can a man with no political experience, who’s been embroiled in so much controversy that it warranted a primetime TV special, be in a position to lead the free world? – The purpose of this blog is not to debate Trump’s political views, character or worthiness of […]

Networking: A Business Must

By Brian Murnahan Anyone that is looking to grow there business or continue to find success knows that networking is necessary, even if not always the funniest thing to do. Yes, you can network at events designed and called networking events, but you can network almost anywhere. You network at chamber luncheons, at professional association meetings, fundraisers, on the golf course, in the bar, at the salon or any other place that you find yourself talking to others. Remember, anything you want to be successful at you need to make a plan for. So let me give you some tips […]